Lincoln Park Greek Festival

Dates: June 5-7, 2020
Location: Sheffield Avenue between Diversey & Scubert, Lincoln Park
Hours: Friday: 5P-11P; Sat :12N-11P Sun: 12N-10PM
Attendance: 20,000
Demographics: Families


The Lincoln Park Greek Fest brings all the aromas, sounds, tastes and traditions of Greece to Sheffield Avenue for three days in late spring. This is no mean task, as this culture is arguably the richest and most joyous in the world.

Being Greek means relishing the world around you and enjoying life to its fullest. The event is designed to give Chicagoans the experience of “philoxenia” which is the ancient, defining mark of the Greek culture: generosity of spirit and hospitality. The theme is “everyone can be Greek for a day!”.

The moment the visitor steps foot on the event site a true cultural immersion begins. The senses are flooded with the smells of olive oil, oregano, lamb and beef, the sounds of Greek music coming from the Mainstage, and the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoor merchandise market.

The food is a huge draw- and the sheer variety of it is staggering. There are wide varieties of appetizers, salads, roasted, grilled, and rotisserie meats, cheeses, desserts and Greek coffee, wine and beer. No matter what the food craving- it’s likely it can be satisfied at Lincoln Park Greek Fest.

In the true spirit of Greek hospitality, the event’s entertainment lineup offers something for everyone. The music lineup includes traditional and modern Greek, as well as modern pop, rock, indie rock, and even country, and traditional Greek dancing will be performed by a professional dance troop.

Sponsorship Opportunity

The Lincoln Park Greek Fest Sponsorship Benefits Menu includes, but is not limited to:
• Event Naming Rights- Title, Presenting
• Component Naming Rights: Stage, Kids Area
• Event Media Logo and / or Name Inclusion: Traditional and Social Media
• Event Collateral Logo Inclusion: Poster, flier
• Internet Inclusion: Website and e-blasts
• On-Site Signage Placement (sponsor provides signage)
• On-Site Activation: Display, marketing, promotion and sales of products and services
• On-Site Recognition: Main Stage VIP crowd welcome, announcer mentions
• Customized Pre-Event and On-Site Promotions
• One-time Use of Event Database
• Rights to Marks and Logos

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