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Spring 2021:

Our event calendar is slowly filling in as the Covid situation becomes brighter and brighter.  We are now in the process of updating 

Note that our event calendar is a work in progress, and new events will be added as we move farther into Spring.

As always, change is possible and can be quick, so please check with us to confirm current info including event dates.

Email us with any questions:

Here’s to a happy and healthy event season!

Sponsor Chicago is a one-stop shop for marketers and companies who want to impact Midwesterners and connect their brand with big, quality audiences across a wide demographic/psychographic range.

Sponsor Chicago is all about quality-quality events and venues, quality demographics, and quality opportunities for brands to connect directly with consumers.

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Events & Venues

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January Events

There are no events listed for this month.

March Events

April Events

May Events

American Brain Tumor Walk
The Lucky 13
Southwest Half Marathon
San Diego Taco Fest
Randolph Street Market
Do Division
Taste of Mexico
Taco & Tequila Festival

November Events

Polish Independence 10K Run/Walk
Randolph Street Market

December Events

Year Round Opportunities