Festival Polonaise

Dates:August 16-18, 2019
Location: Golf Mill Park, Niles, IL
Hours: Friday: 5PM-10PM; Saturday:10AM-10PM; Sunday 10AM-11PM
Attendance: 40,000+
Demographics: Polish American and General Market families.


The easiest and cheapest trip to Poland is really just a few miles away for most Chicagoans and Midwesterners. For three days in August, Polish culture, music, dance, celebrity, food and drink can all be experienced at Festival Polonaise- on the grounds of Golf Mill Park in suburban Chicago. It's cultural immersion at its best- featuring all of the wonderful things that Chicago's huge Polish population celebrates.Festival Polonaise

Two stages feature continuous music and comedy acts all day long culminating in performances by national and international music, television and sports celebrity headliners. These celebrities are huge draws and play a big role in the event's high attendance levels.

Other components include polka dancing, a big carnival, an elaborate kid's area, interactive games and contests for both kids and adults, and of course food and beer. Some of Chicago's most favorite Polish restaurants participate- offering a big collective menu of delicious Polish favorites. American restaurants participate too, rounding out the event's huge food and drink selections.

The event attendance grows larger each year, finally adding a third night (Friday) this year to accommodate the increasing attendance. This year the event expects a crowd of 40,000 or more.