The Chosen Few Old School Reunion

Dates: Saturday, July 7, 2018
Location: Jackson Park Chicago, IL
Attendance: 75,000
Demographics: Upscale, educated African American and General Market
Theme: Celebration of House Music


Chicago, the birthplace of House Music, is also home to what is arguably the most famous House Music event- the Chosen Few Old School Reunion. Now going into it's 28th year, Old School Reunion has become an icon event in Chicago.

When tickets go on sale at 8AM on the morning of the event- never more than two hours pass until the event completely sells out. Attendance is limited to 50,000, and admission ranges from $10 general admission to $150 for VIP packages.

The Chosen Few Old School Reunion

Who are the Chosen Few? They are the originators of House Music. The event features some of the greatest House Music originators- such as DJ's Wayne Williams, Terry Hunter, Alan King, Tony Hatchett, Andre Hatchett, Jesse Saunders and many other greats. Some of these DJ's have been spinning this music since the late ‘70's and early ‘80s- before the genre even had a formal name. These are the true founders of House Music.

House Music is the star of this show, naturally, but the event also features a number of top, name national R&B headliners who each play short five or six song sets. The event also offers a variety of food offerings and cold beer- rounding out the whole experience to be a little slice of heaven for lovers and followers of this music.

The audience demographics are a unique combination of upscale, educated, white collar professionals, and young, urban music aficionados.