Burgers, Brews & Blues (aka Taste of Bolingbrook)

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, June 9-10, 2018
Location: The Promenade in Bolingbrook
Attendance: 25,000
Demographics: Upscale, educated, white collar, $100K+ household income

• At least 25 participating restaurants.
• Wine tasting sessions daily.
• Wine experts and ambassadors.
• Continuous live music from the Main Stage.
• Kids Cornor.
• Merchandise Vendors


On June 9-10, 25,000 foodies and wine lovers descend upon The Promenade in upscale Bolingbrook to experience a food and wine festival unlike any other in Chicago's western suburbs.

On these two days in July visitors will have the unique opportunity to taste signature dishes from at least twenty-five of Bolingbrook's favorite restaurants.

This wide selection of quality burgers and sides- is what draws such a large crowd. It's almost impossible not to find something delicious to nosh on at this event- no matter what your taste.

And that goes for the daily craft beer tasting sessions too. Visitors will taste a wide selection of craft beers- more than 35 varietals.

Continuous live Blues from the Main Stage, a Kids Corner, more than 30 area retailers and at least 20 crafters augment this food and wine extravaganza. This is a food -centric event that stays true to its overall mission: the promise of a huge variety of quality food and beer- a truly memorable tasting experience.

The event's ambiance is distinctly white-glove. Crisp white tents, the nearly pristine venue and the overall layout gives the Taste of Bolingbrook an almost picture book quality. And yet- the atmosphere is casual, relaxed and friendly. This makes for a perfect environment for sponsors to make a connection with this concentrated crowd of very upscale families.